1958: CCV founded, specialising in the support of financial systems

1989: First PIN payment terminal installed

1992: Launch of first card-based loyalty program

2002: Acquisition of AllCash ecm GmbH (Moers), now CCV Service

2003: Acquisition ECM AG, now CCV Service

2003: Acquisition of Jeronimo (Gland, Glattbrugg, Manno), now CCV Switzerland

2005: Acquisition EL-ME (Au), now CCV Deutschland

2005: Acquisition of Cardfon (Ieper), now CCV Belgium

2007: CCV Nederland obtains Currence certification (the Dutch Bank – DNB), entitling CCV to process PIN transactions

2008: Acquisition of Celectronic (e-Health, Berlin), now part of CCV Deutschland

2009: Acquisition of Acceptis (Hamburg), now part of CCV Deutschland

2009: Merge of CCV AllCash and ECM AG, now CCV Service

2010: Acquisition of Payzone and EFT Systems activities (Alvira) in the Netherlands

2012: Acquisition of PaySys AG (Glattburg, Gland) in Switzerland, now part of CCV Switzerland

2014: Acquisition of BiedMeer (Hengelo), now CCV Shop. Expansion to all-in-one webshop solution

2014: Acquisition of J4S (Kortrijk, Hasselt), expansion of omni-channel range. Now CCV Lab

2015: Merge of PaySys with CCV Switzerland